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Membership Prices

Membership at Swan’s Nest gives you access to our shared Workshop Spaces and tools during operating hours. Choose a membership level that suits you, and book yourself in to use our shared Workshop Spaces such as the Wood Workshop, Cutting Workshop, Metal Workshop and Tech Room.


  • Single Day


  • 4 days / month


  • 12 days / month


  • Every day

Swan’s Nest Memberships are only available to Blazing Swan Members.  Complimentary Memberships are available if you rent your own space at Swan’s Nest. Read more below.

Swan’s Nest

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Rent your own space

You can rent your own space at Swan’s Nest, which come with a complimentary Membership with a minimum spend – read more below.


$5/ sqm
  • Per Week
  • Enclosed Office Space
  • 12sqm for $60/week


$4/ sqm
  • Per Week
  • Inside Floor Space
  • 20sqm for $80/week


$3/ sqm
  • Per Week
  • Outside Space
  • 30sqm for $90/week

Complimentary Memberships

Score a complimentary Swan’s Nest membership when you rent a minimum space.  Spend over $60/week for a free Mid Membership, or $125/week for a free Full Membership.  Swan’s Nest Membership gives you free access to use the shared Workshop Spaces and tools when available.

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Storage Space

Storage space is available at Swan’s Nest, which is ideal for Blazing Swan theme camps between each event.  Space is available from only $50 per cubic metre per year

Theme Camps

$800/ year
  • 20″ Sea Container
  • 24/7 Access

Nest Members

$1200/ year
  • 20″ Sea Container
  • 24/7 Access
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